My guitar was stolen!!

The guitar is a 1987 yellow Fender Stratocaster plus, with a maple neck, white plastic pick guard and lace pick-ups: serial number E 474061. There is excessive and distinctive wear on the neck. $200 for it's safe return. Contact me, John, at if you know anything.

The guitar was in a black case in good condition: Protec soft shell case with good padding and leather accents. Inside the case besides the guitar are/were a pair of Sensasonic custom made ear plugs, a small neon blue tuner, a small clipper (for removing excess strings) a yellow plastic string winder, a head lamp, 3 6-inch guitar cables. At least two > 10 foot guitar cables, at least 2 sets of extra strings (Ernie Ball slinky [high E string gauge .010], some of my business cards, a attachable lamp for a music stand, miscellaneous tools for adjusting the guitar.

Thanks, John