John Putnam, soundtrack composer

John been writing music for over forty years as a soundtrack composer, songwriter, and studio arranger as well as performing popular music in concerts and in clubs. Recently I've written film soundtracks with my Finale based studio including

My previous credits include two compositions for double brass quintet commissioned by MIT for their graduation exercises. This music have been performed many times since 2005 at Harvard and/or MIT. I also have written theme music for Action Five, for WBZ TV, (Channel Five in Boston), music for a New England Airlines TV advertisement, theme music for WGBH-TV as well as many other soundtracks for independent films.

"Sydney in the City" - music by John Putnam soundtrack for film by Brenda Collins Decesare

"Adam and Eve" -- music by John Putnam soundtrack for film by Parvati Autar

"The Woman of His Dreams" -- music by John Putnam soundtrack for film -- Walt Foreman

"Beer Pong: The Movie" -- music by John Putnam trailer for film produced by "Two Losers from Jersey"

"The Party" -- John Putnam cinematic orchestral "Cinematic first place winner from Pixel Arts"

"Process Grads Now" -- John Putnam

live recording of Lawrence Isaacson conducting the New England Brass Ensemble for MIT's graduation exercises recorded by David Broderick June 9, 2006

"Angel" -- John Putnam angel entrance small chamber orchestra

"Appalachian" -- John Putnam early romantic piano

"Backstage" -- John Putnam classical symphonic ballet

"Bartok" -- John Putnam tense fugatta ala Bartok

"Birds are Coming" -- John Putnam nervous neurotic pizzicato string ensemble theme

"Black Circus" -- John Putnam Fellini circus neo-classical chamber orchestra

"Board Room" -- John Putnam orchestral suspense

"Canon for Strings" -- John Putnam traditional 4 part canon

"Chop" -- John Putnam late romantic piano (lots of hair)

"Chorale" -- John Putnam pastoral orchestral march

"Chorale II" -- John Putnam opening scene for back to prep school orchestral

"City Capture" -- John Putnam fusion chamber orchestra

"Coffee High" -- John Putnam speedy fusion theme

"Elevator" -- John Putnam Perky little Big Band Theme

"Falling Barometer Waltz" -- John Putnam orchestral moody waltz

"Fanfare2" -- John Putnam awesome victory brass quintet

"French Fantasy" -- John Putnam french feel symphonic poem

"Friar" -- John Putnam bebop piano trio

"Fugue in C Minor" -- John Putnam dark 'noire' modern strings

"Ghanaland" -- John Putnam ethnic drums

"How Can This Be Love" -- John Putnam upbeat 'happy protagonist' piano clarinet

"Italian Waltz" -- John Putnam quirky euro trio

"Kellogg Death Flake" -- John Putnam fusion cool jazz

"Latino Beano" -- John Putnam moody Latin jazz theme

"Lotus Meditation" -- John Putnam "little grasshopper"

"Magenta" -- John Putnam rag time piano

"Miami Disco Queen" -- John Putnam retro Disco

"New World Ocean" -- John Putnam new age wonder

"Orwell" -- John Putnam a Quinn Martin Production

"Oscar" -- John Putnam jazz piano trio blues

"Paddle" -- John Putnam Lazy 40s style light jazz tune

"Park Band" -- John Putnam college football brass band

"Samba in Space" -- John Putnam fusion samba small combo

"Scamp" -- John Putnam fantasia cartoon orchestral

"Sexaphone" -- John Putnam 50s jazz small combo

"SICN" -- John Putnam modern TV show theme

"Slav" -- John Putnam early 20th century Slavic orchestral theme

"Souling Away" -- John Putnam heavy funk theme

"Suey" -- John Putnam late romantic piano

"Tarentella" -- John Putnam peppy dance flute lead

"Think About It" -- John Putnam peppy house music -- talk show theme

"Triumph on the Corner" -- John Putnam peppy bassoon piano duet -- Neo-classical Theme

"Yo Ho" -- John Putnam baroque trio sonata

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Demos for Alton Brown's "Good Eats"

"Muffin Macabre" -- John Putnam horror small orchestra

"Baroque-n Muffin" -- John Putnam baroque style

"Muffin Blues" -- John Putnam jazzy style

"Muffin Dance" -- John Putnam dance style

Demos of 'turn of the century'
(the previous one ;) ) piano music

"You Are My Heart" -- John Putnam Gay Nineties style piano ballad

"Two Steps Back To 1895" -- John Putnam quick little two step

"The Gilded Waltz" -- John Putnam American turn of the century Waltz